Team of experts in Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Massage and Holistic Wellness in Newport Beach, CA

Our integrative approach encompasses everything from functional nutrition & acupuncture, to Ayurveda, & energy/spiritual healing.  With such an array of expertise, rest assured, we have everything you need to get you feeling better, both mentally and physically.

Meet the Team

Farah Siraj

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphedema & Specialized Oncology Massage

Jill Brew

Jill Brew

Biomeridian Scan Specialist

Dr. Suzanne Tang, ND, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist & Naturopathic Doctor

Hannah Haus

Medical Manual Therapy & Body Work

Desiree Romano

Massage Therapist

Dr. Quan Nguyen

Dr. Quan Nguyen

Naturopathic Doctor

Whitney Elysia

Energy & Spiritual Healing

Sabrina Hinkis

Sabrina Hinkis

Functional Nutritionist

Dr. Shannon Hennigar

Shannon Hennigar

Licensed Acupuncturist
& Chinese Medicine

Sonika Laskar Desai

Dr. Sonika Laskar-Desai

Ayurvedic Medicine

Meet the Founder

I don't believe in quick fixes, fad diets or one-size-fits-all protocols. I want a place where people feel seen, heard & valued. I believe we are all unique and need to be treated for the complex, unique, and fascinating individuals we are.

— Melissa Vance, Founder, Whole Body Health Team

Melissa Vance is the Founder of Whole Body Health Team and is passionate about helping others get answers, feel seen, heard and valued. She holds a Master’s in Social Work and is a Functional Nutrition Counsellor. She is a licensed mental health professional in Canada with additional training in shame, trauma, and addictions. She has spent most of her career working in complex mental health with adolescents and families.

Realizing the importance of treating the whole body, Melissa pursued further education in Functional Nutrition Counselling, allowing her to help her clients on a whole new level. Understanding that physical health and mental health are connected is KEY to unlocking true wellness. She is a self-proclaimed “professional student”, having taken numerous courses over the years in reflexology, aromatherapy, Body Talk, CBT, as well as being trained with Brene Brown in The Daring Way™. She believes the vulnerability of living your life “in the arena” is hard, but the alternative is even harder.

Melissa is passionate about health & wellness and helping others. The dream of Whole Body Health Team came from years of frustration in watching and experiencing personally the inability to feel better and understand what is going on. Frustrated with prescriptions and medications that often do more damage, she became focused on creating something different. A place for healing, education and whole body wellness – finally & forever.

Melissa is married to her highschool sweetheart and they spent the last 20 years raising two busy boys in sports. They are passionate about baseball, especially the Toronto Blue Jays! Her favorite place in the world is their cottage in northern Ontario (Canada) where she goes seeking rest and rejuvenation.