Joanne Jo

Licensed acupuncturist

Joanne is a California licensed acupuncturist and Herbalist holding a bachelor’s degree in management from KyungHee University in South Korea as well as a master’s degree in South Baylo University of oriental medicine and acupuncture.

Joanne is the 4th Generation of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Medicine practitioner in her family. She specializes in women’s health and well-being and mental health, such as Fertility, Prenatal Postpartum care, Menopause, Depression and Anti-aging, as well as  Korean Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Before she started a career as an acupuncturist, she taught Qi-Gong and Meditation for over 20years and had a successful career in the wellness field. Joanne has worked in Seoul (South Korea), Seattle, Denver, Houston, New York and Los Angeles.

She believes that we all have natural healing power, and acupuncture will help to awaken our inner healing power. Then we can improve the quality of our life and our environment.