Jill Brew

Bio-Meridian Scanning

Jill was born & raised in Missouri, graduating from the University of Kansas where she studied Human Development & Family Life & was certified to teach Early Childhood/Special Education.  She spent 20 years supporting families as an in-home therapist working with children to achieve developmental milestones. 

Jill’s journey into the wellness world started in 2003 when her oldest daughter was diagnosed with developmental issues & severe food allergies while at the same time her youngest daughter was born with eczema.  Having her hands full with her families health issues she didn’t want to continue on the route of a lifetime of prescription drugs that weren’t helping.  She knew there had to be natural ways to address these issues. 

After witnessing the healing of her own children through natural remedies she was called to help others do the same. In 2016 the stars aligned & she was introduced to Bio-Meridian Scanning which changed her life!  She quickly shifted her career and became certified in Bio-Meridian Scanning so she could help as many people as possible.   She has had her own practice for the last 5 years & is now looking forward to joining the Whole Body Health Team!