Sabrina Hinkis

Nutrition Scientist

Sabrina Hinkis

I am a biochemist-turned Nutrition Scientist with over 13 years’ experience in nutrition consulting. I am passionate about using science-driven, holistic methods to achieve wellbeing at all stages of life. My specialties include functional medicine, diabetes management and reversal, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, autoimmune disease, weight loss, and stress reduction.

As a former pharmaceutical scientist, I know that pills can only take a person so far—the key to true health is the food you put into your body. And as a mother of four, I know that the most effective path to holistic wellness is an intuitive diet that fits your schedule, culture, and lifestyle. My methods have proven themselves time and again, and I am excited to guide you on your journey toward health and vitality.

Education / Training

I have a bachelor in biochemistry, worked in the pharmaceutical industry and then in genetic research. In 2008 I did my masters in human nutrition and since then I have been consulting clients on nutrition and lifestyle. In 2014 I became educated in Functional Medicine and by applying it, I am able to combine supplements to help the body do the healing it can. Our body is programmed to heal it-self if we only give it the right conditions.