Functional Medicine in Newport Beach, CA

Functional Medicine/Nutrition is focused on finding the ROOT cause of your issues.  Using a client-centered approach, it seeks to understand why you are ill.  

Looking at your complete history, we take into account life experiences, traumas, stress, genetics and then consider triggers like poor diet, lifestyle, habits that contribute to feeling unwell.    

Functional Medicine/Nutrition is tremendously successful in treating  chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune issues, etc.  We can work with your existing health practitioner or alone with you.  It is a customized treatment plan designed only for you. 

We are a TEAM of wellness professionals, all with our own expertise, working together to help you.


Functional Medicine & Nutrition


Integrated Naturopathic Medicine

Mind Body Therapy, Allergy Elimination & More

Bioenergetic / Bio Meridian Testing

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique