Shannon Zingel

Manual Osteopath

Shannon has over 7 years of education in Manual Osteopathy as well as other manual techniques and modalities. She is passionate about helping her patients reclaim their physical health and improve overall wellness. As a Manual Osteopath, Shannon has mastered the powerful holistic approach to restore your body’s natural mobility and alignment and provides an excellent source of preventative and acute care for your entire body. Shannon’s mission is to cure pain naturally while educating and empowering patients. 

Manual Osteopathy recognizes the vital link between all systems of the body and aims to restore balance so natural healing can occur. Manual Osteopaths focus on how the joints, muscles, nerves, connective tissue and organs function as a holistic unit, and use manual, hands on techniques to gently realign these tissues and stimulate healing.

Techniques are chosen based on the individual patient and the symptoms they have reported, as well as an in depth health history and physical assessment taken during a patients initial visit.

These can include:

Massage and soft tissue release including fascial release and scar work

Visceral manipulation – gentle stretching of the ligaments of the organs

Cranial osteopathy – gentle manipulation of the joints, and soft tissues of the cranium and spinal cord

Joint articulation – joints are moved through their natural range of motion

Muscle energy techniques – isometric muscle contractions to increase range of motion or realign a joint.

Manual Osteopathy is very beneficial for chronic pain, new injuries such as sprains and strains, migraines, vertigo, digestive issues or for anyone who wants to feel their best.

Shannon and her family have recently relocated to California from Canada, she is now taking new patients and is looking forward to meeting you!

Life is short and you deserve better care.

We are here to help.