Stephanie Pappilli

Stress & Sleep management

Stephanie is passionate about connection and helping others. She is a true intuitive massage therapist focusing on what the body needs and, perhaps, longs for. When you meet her, you will be greeted with kindness and compassion and immediately feel at ease in her presence.

For as long as she can remember she has always understood the power of touch, lending her hands to her family to soothe their pain. After a decade of working in different careers, she realized she needed to do what she was meant to do with her life and she went back to school for massage therapy as well as coaching in stress & sleep management.

In this journey she has found a love for helping others feel better & providing them with a safe place to destress & relax. “I love getting to know each of my clients & customizing their session to what they truly need. It isn’t about the amount of time they booked. It is about the amount of time they need”.

When asked what “type” of massage she does, Stephanie says she can’t answer. Although extensively trained, she doesn’t know what type of treatment she will provide until you are in the room and your body speaks to her.

A session with Stephanie is like nothing you have experienced before.

Life is short and you deserve better care.

We are here to help.